Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

Roger Pettingell


In today's modern world, it's common for buyers to search through homes for sale in Longboat Key digitally. This has created an impressive amount of ease and accessibility to the process of searching for a new home. Within an online search, the listing consists of the description of the home and the photographs attached. Both parts make a listing complete, but the photographs are the most important part.

Due to the structure of online home searching platforms like the MLS, the photo of a home is seen first in search results. This is the first chance to grab a buyer's attention, and the best way to do so is with attractive, high-quality photos. When a listing successfully draws in interested buyers, it will gain more traction and sell faster than a listing with no photos or subpar photos.

Having the proper insight into the importance of professional photos will help you understand how to make a faster sale possible.

Instant visual appeal

When browsing listings, high-quality professional photos immediately catches the attention of a buyer. This is similar to seeing a nice-looking piece of clothing or a pair of shoes in a store. Without knowing the brand, fabric, or materials, your interest is automatically sparked because the item appeals to your eye. Whether you will actually go on to purchase the item or not, your interest is still piqued, and the item is viewed.

The same goes for a home that is listed with beautiful professional photographs. A potential buyer becomes instantly attracted to the home and is more likely to click on the listing, read the details, and even schedule a viewing. Having this instant appeal increases the views a listing gets, and with more views comes more potential offers and a faster sale.

Obvious accuracy

Perusing home listings online can always elicit a certain amount of uncertainty and wariness, especially when the visuals do not suffice. If your written description depicts a stunning, high-quality, luxury home with many amenities, your pictures must also reflect that. Professional photos allow the true beauty of your property to be showcased in a way that matches the worded description of the home. For buyers, seeing a listing accurately described and depicted builds trust and comfort, making it more likely for them to be interested in viewing the property in person. When writing the description of your property, it may be a good idea to pursue that step first so your photographer can take photographs that coincide with the features you have written about.

Increased visibility

Great pictures on a home listing won't go unnoticed. Every homebuyer and their agent will likely have eyes on your listing at some point. More views are great since they create more traction on your listing. Having more eyes on your listing makes it possible for it to be shared outside of the channel you have it listed on, and thus leads to wider visibility should people choose to share the listing with others.

Increased visibility on a listing is great in terms of fast-tracking a sale because a higher number of people looking at the home increases the likelihood of one of them being your ideal buyer. If your property meets all of a potential buyer's requirements, they likely would still come across it at some point, but having the ability to be instantly eye-catching makes this happen faster. Depending on the channel your home is listed on, it is also possible for the increased traction to make your listing be shown to more people. This is especially true when utilizing tools such as Facebook for real estate sales.


Having impressive photos of a luxury home is completely sensible and, in many cases, even expected. Selling a high-value home but not taking care to do so with quality and attention to detail can deter interested buyers. Simply put, bad photos on a listing detract from the overall luxury experience of finding and viewing the home. Without adequate visuals, a buyer may have to resort to extra steps like googling the address to find more home photos.

Providing professional photos on your listing leaves a lasting impression on everyone that views it. Going the extra mile to ensure your property is accurately shown with nice photographs and even a video tour or 3D overview is an added way to impress viewers and set a luxurious tone. In luxury real estate, the experience is cumulative and should extend past the opulence of the home itself. A quality, high-touch interaction should be the overall goal for your buyer from start to finish. In most cases, that starting point is the first time they come across your property listing.

Selling your property quickly is a great goal to have. Professional photos make it possible to achieve this goal without any shortcuts or missteps. This is ideal for keeping your sale ethical and above board. It may seem easier to snap a few photos of your home with your smartphone and pass them to your agent, and while this might be simpler in the moment, it is not beneficial to your overall goal. Taking the time to have your home professionally photographed is a step that you will be glad you decided to take.

Ready to sell your home?

Connecting with a luxury waterfront specialist well-versed in Longboat Key real estate is the best way to align yourself with a photographer that specializes in home photography. An experienced realtor in Sarasota and Longboat Key like Roger Pettingell will be well-connected and able to provide photographer references for Sarasota and surrounding areas. Browse past and current home listings to get an idea of what kind of photos should accompany your listing.


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