How Staging Can Sell Your Luxury Home Faster and For More

Roger Pettingell


Whether you've sold a home or purchased one, the odds are high that you've encountered a staged home. Think about the homes you came across on your search that stood out (especially the one you purchased). What made those particular homes special enough to stand out? There's a good chance that it's because they had been staged.

When you sell your house, the first impression is critical, whether online or when a potential buyer walks in. Your realtor will likely tell you to declutter and clean the spaces, putting away anything personal. One of the easiest things you can do to maximize this process is to choose to stage your home. Staging can help be an asset in selling your home quickly and for more money.

What is staging?

Staging a home is removing personal possessions and adding new furnishings and pieces to help elevate the spaces. Rather than having a house cluttered with knick-knacks, you'll have key accents that showcase the home's best features. Doing this can draw attention away from minor issues or flaws, which is great for those minor inconveniences. Minimizing the negatives and accentuating positive features will also raise the perceived value of the house.

The idea behind staging a home is to appeal to buyers, using subtle tones in neutral shades with pops of warm color to accentuate. It's unnecessary to entirely redo the house if you aren't starting with a blank slate or making costly improvements for no reason. You want to present a cleaner and more precise version of your home that appeals to multiple audiences.

Sellers often think leaving empty homes will make them more desirable because they are a "blank slate." The truth is buyers are likelier to find the home unappealing and not give it a second glance. It may seem like leaving the home empty and allowing buyers to use their imagination is beneficial, but staging the room to show its full potential will do this even more.

Staging a home aims to make your luxury home more noticeable to buyers. A professionally staged home will show better in marketing materials for online listings and magazines, such as photographs and videos. Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) sought to ask buyers' agents their thoughts and found that more than 47% thought that staging was most effective when selling a home. Additionally, more than 82% of agents said that staging a home was found to help buyers more easily visualize themselves in the house. Since more than 84% of buyers preview a home online before seeing it in person, staging and professional photography are vital to ensuring a home stands out.

Why does staging matter?

We know that staging is necessary and can help create a welcoming space for buyers. The big question is why it's important and how it does that.

Again, staging a home will give buyers a chance to see the potential in a home, and that's what you're looking to show. Consider modern furniture and accents that set the stage, enabling buyers to envision themselves living today without having to do excess work. Staging also gives ideas on how to design rooms, especially if the house is open and you can arrange things in multiple ways. This way, buyers will see precisely how they can use the home to maximize space and get the most use.

Let's say you have a bonus room. You're not using it for much, maybe storage or a playroom for the children. If you stage the room as a home office and set the tone for a quiet workplace, you'll likely draw more interest. Spending a little money on your Sarasota luxury home will ensure a higher return once the sale is complete.

Additionally, buyers are often driven by emotion, and you want to help create an emotional connection between the buyer and your home. Making a memorable impression is a great way to do this, and staging your home, primarily focusing on rooms that will be used most often – kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms – can make all the difference. Buyers are more likely to commit and potentially submit a higher offer if they are emotionally connected.

How does staging help sell your luxury home faster and for more?

Many agents will agree that staging your home can increase the value between 1-5%. Additionally, the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) noted that staged homes were likely to spend 72% less time on the market than those vacant or unstaged.

Staging is an investment that, when done correctly, will help maximize the rate of return on the property sale. Data from RESA shows that approximately three-quarters of sellers saw an ROI of anywhere from 5% to 15% over the asking price, with an average of 1% invested in staging. Not only that, but professionally staged homes can sell, on average, up to 30 times faster than those not staged and by up to 20% more.

Using a professional staging company is a great way to capitalize on your return because they are well-versed in high-end luxury real estate and what makes it desirable. A quality agency will know the market conditions and current styles and how to best showcase your home to potential buyers. These companies study the area's demographics and can help style your home toward those most likely to make an offer.

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